Prom night has always packed pressure. These days, the bright white limo costs a bundle, and every young one piled inside competes to stand out. If you’re a girl, your historic dress has to be just right to please you, your modest mom and dad, who sprang for it, while still enough to stun your date. If you’re a perfectionist female, who attended prom in the 70s or 80s, when it was all supposed to match, your shoes ought to blend, and might have been dyed to echo the big-wave-like ruffles of your bright blue float, er, dress. (Remember having blue ankles for two weeks?) If you’re a guy, you’re likely striving to seem confident and debonair for the first time in your short life, as you greet your girl’s somber pop and accept hugs from her giddy mother, who scrubs a spot of dried blood from your freshly shaven cheek, only making it bleed more. What happens next in America usually involves too much cologne reapplication, too much dry ice…and is a DJ-pumping study in chaos theory. Baltimore, please tell us your worst or weirdest prom memory, for a chance to win dinner at a pre-prom-worthy eating establishment soon to be announced. Think of it this way: You’ll get to go on an adult date in style, in non-candy-colored duds, and achieve post-prom catharis at the same time.

3 replies on “Taffeta Terror: What Was Your Worst Prom Moment?”

  1. It was 1977 and my then-best friend had a boyfriend, so she was hell-bent on going to the prom, and wanted me to go with her. I couldn’t find a date, so she told her little brother he had to escort me. I was mortified. Then-best friend wore red, slinky satin; I wore a recycled, very prim Gunne Sack dress in pale green. She and her boyfriend spent the whole evening making out while I tried to make conversation with my 15 year-old date. We danced to “Fooled Around and Fell In Love.” He was a very nice kid and surprisingly gracious, and I’ve always had the sense that he grew up to be a great human being.

  2. Mine was in 1979. It was junior year and I had just broken up with my boyfriend of one-year, so I asked a friend who I had known since seventh grade. We had an okay time but at the end of the night he slapped a big, wet French kiss on me! I had no idea he was thinking we were on a real “date.” It changed our relationship for the rest of our high school career…

  3. I went to prom with a guy who asked me out 3 months before. I met him at work and we became really close friends. We found out that we had a lot in common and he was really nice. At least when we started going out. What I didn’t know was that him and my former best friend were really close friends too.

    During that night at prom, we decided to chillout after dancing, and I decided to get my phone out of my boyfriend’s best friend’s car (our driver). When I got there I found my boyfriend fornicating with my former best friend in the back seat. They didn’t see me because after I caught them — I slipped out of the parking garage right away. My heart was shattered and it felt like I had been kicked in the stomach a thousand times.

    So I walked down to a bar, which was across from the building where we had our prom and sat there for half an hour. Debating on whether I should stick around or catch a ride home with some other people. The problem was–the only two friends I knew at my boyfriend’s prom were two other guys, and they were with their girlfriends so I didn’t want to bother them…. But I felt sooooooo horrible.

    It all happened so fast that I forgot to break it off with him right away. So the next day, he came over and dumped me in my own room. I quit my job even though I didn’t want to…. because I had to find out from my co-workers/friends that my ex and ex best friend were interested in each other wayyyyyy before him and I started going out. Evidently, he just didn’t have the man balls to tell me. Jackass.

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