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Heroic Measures: “1814! The Rock Opera” Shook Creative Alliance (Almost) All Night Long

photos by Paul Muri

1814! The Rock Opera previewed three songs on Sunday night at the Creative Alliance, in partnership with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Standup Jim Meyer hosted. David Dudley, show’s co-creator with Dave Israel, told Baltimore Fishbowl the highlight for him was watching the singers “hurl themselves into” their performances.

“Two weeks ago, we didn’t even know these characters,” Dudley explained. “We’d only rehearsed with them a handful of times, and in those practices the singers were too busy learning their parts to really get into the more theatrical elements of the show. So it was quite a shock to see them on stage, going for broke.”

Several audience members wore 19th-century garb, “including a bunch of intrepid representatives of the BRO,” Dudley said. “These people live to create, and patronize, insane rock spectacles.”

Moira Horowitz as Mary Pickersgill.