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Bummer on 34th Street: The Dark Side of Hampden’s Tacky Light Display


34th Street in Hampden

Hampden’s 34th Street Christmas display may be getting featured on Japanese TV, but much of the rest of the news concerning Baltimore’s most famous tacky lights display has been a real downer.

Despite Protest, 34th Street Christmas Lights to Flip On


HampdenSouthHampden residents threatened to go dark because of mounting crime earlier in the fall. But now that the holidays are here, they aren’t taking Christmas lights away.

34th Street Threatens a Lights-Free Christmas in Protest Against Crime



Hampden’s 34th Street Christmas display is famous not only locally, but world-wide as well. For decades, the lights (and animatronic reindeer and Santa Claus in a Ravens jersey and sculptures made out of scrap metal) have brought joy (and traffic) to Hampden. But this year, the lights may go dark for the first time in 70 years.

Miracle on 34th Street Meets The Charmery


Miracle on 34th St

catch of the day fish (2)Well, it’s almost Christmas, but it’s a rather balmy one so far. Whether or not you’d rather have everything covered in snow, there’s no denying that this kind of weather certainly does get one outside more often than when it’s bitter cold. And that’s good news for anyone who could use a quiet walk after one-too-many open houses, or a morning constitutional to walk off some of that Christmas goose. And if you haven’t strolled the block of 34th Street between Chestnut Ave and Keswick yet this year, there’s no better time to put on those Bermuda shorts and flip-flops and go have a look at the legendary lights. And thanks to this summer’s opening of The Charmery, you can do it with either a decadent hot chocolate, or an ice cream cone in hand.

In Case You Missed “Baby New Year” in Hampden

Hampden's Baby New Year Bob Hosler flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right)
Hampden’s Baby New Year, Bob Hosier, flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right), plus unidentified photo bomber — all photos by Howard Yang

In case you missed New Year’s Eve on 34th Street this year — in case you’ve possibly never attended the loud, crowded and festive disco-ball-dropping ceremony — here’s a quick photo tour. Above, beloved Hampden resident Bob Hosier, 56, who’s been strapping on a big-boy diaper, a monster pacifier and bonnet, and parading his block to mark the moment of each New Year’s arrival, since 1988.

Hampden’s 34th Street is the Best Holiday Display in the US



Well, at least according to some European design website we hadn’t heard about until this morning. Who cares, we’ll take it!