In Case You Missed “Baby New Year” in Hampden

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Hampden's Baby New Year Bob Hosler flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right)
Hampden’s Baby New Year, Bob Hosier, flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right), plus unidentified photo bomber — all photos by Howard Yang

In case you missed New Year’s Eve on 34th Street this year — in case you’ve possibly never attended the loud, crowded and festive disco-ball-dropping ceremony — here’s a quick photo tour. Above, beloved Hampden resident Bob Hosier, 56, who’s been strapping on a big-boy diaper, a monster pacifier and bonnet, and parading his block to mark the moment of each New Year’s arrival, since 1988.


As the final seconds tick down, a disco-ball-type orb is lowered in front of Bob’s place, where his cheering family waits on the porch, celebrants line the block (more and more each year, it seems), and Bob waits inside, ready to spring forth when midnight strikes. In

Above, the DIY ball lowers its way inside the cardboard box — once it lands, the crowd goes even more cuckoo than before. Below, behold: 2013 dawns! (Same instant: Bob descends his porch steps and circulates merrily, snapping shots with everybody who’s camera-happy.) Happy New Year, again, Baltimore.


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