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Kathy Bates Revives Her Bawlmer Accent from ‘American Horror Story’ on ‘Conan’

Still via Team Coco/YouTube

What better way to show off your fictional Highlandtown roots than a rousing rendition of our national anthem?

The Montana Politician with the Amazing Maryland Accent is Ba-ack!


Back in November, we featured a TV commercial by Montana senate candidate Matt Rosendale, mostly because of his amazing Maryland accent. Well, those wild Eastern Shore vowels are back in Rosendale’s newest campaign ad. And it’s even more amazing. I really can’t get enough of this guy.

Montana Politician Reveals His Roots with Amazing Maryland Accent


Matt Rosendale may be running for senate in Montana, but he’s clearly a Marylander at heart: Just listen to the unmistakable Eastern Shore vowels (“moment,” “overreaching,”) in his campaign spot above.