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‘We Are Not Voiceless,’ on display at Waller Gallery, draws connections between the politically active and the everyman

Credit: Joaquín Esteban Jutt

Teenagerish handwritten quotes from Huey P. Newton, Mae Jemison, Desmond Tutu and other well-known visionaries and activists decorate the walls of Waller Gallery among artist Joaquín Esteban Jutt’s prints, drawings, sculpture and screen-based pieces. The quotes peel back some of the layers in the artist’s work, showcasing points of inspiration, sketches and preliminary process snapshots along with finished pieces. But more urgently, “We Are Not Voiceless,” the gallery’s third show in its Barclay space, places highly visible political figures and activists next to the everyman: the person scrunched up across from you, asleep in his subway seat.

Activist Shorty Davis Confronts Thief and Gets His Smoker Grill Back

Photo via Shorty Davis

Activist and community grillmaster Duane “Shorty” Davis got his grill back.

Activist-Grillmaster Shorty Davis Can Use Your Help Finding his Stolen Grill

Photo via Shorty Davis

For years, Duane “Shorty” Davis has been cooking up food for the masses in Baltimore, oftentimes at no cost. That was all interrupted this week, when his double-tiered smoker grill was stolen from behind a community center in Southwest Baltimore.

Baltimore Activists Confronted Russia-Linked ‘Blacktivist’ Facebook Account Last Year

Photo by Colin, via Wikimedia Commons

Some Baltimore activists saw right through one of the many Russian social media accounts said to have meddled with Americans online before last fall’s presidential election.

Activist Smashes Plaque on Columbus Monument Using Sledgehammer

Still via Popular Resistance/YouTube

Activists last night went after another controversial monument in Northeast Baltimore, this time using a sledgehammer that caused some permanent damage.

Someone Toppled the ‘Madre Luz’ Sculpture that Briefly Replaced Baltimore’s Lee-Jackson Monument

“Madre Luz,” by Pablo Machioli, knocked down in the Wyman Park Dell.

On Thursday morning, Pablo Machioli’s sculpture depicting a pregnant black woman with her fist raised, child on her back, stood proudly atop a marble base in the Wyman Park Dell. By the late afternoon, someone had knocked over and destroyed the sculpture; on a step nearby were the words, “Honor History,” painted in gold.

David Simon, Tech Activists Organize Rally Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

A photo of David Simon from 2010, Courtesy the MacArthur Foundation

Baltimoreans will get to hear local activist leaders and experts share their thoughts on Donald Trump’s new immigration orders early next week at a rally organized by hometown hero and Baltimore writer and producer David Simon and a D.C.-based tech activist group.

Fighting For Recognition: Baltimore’s Overlooked Native Americans

“The Duality Of Indigeneity” by Gregg Deal, located across from the Creative Alliance.

On a crisp Saturday afternoon last month, nearly 100 people gathered at the Salvation Army in Middle River for a Christmas party. Children lined up in the gym to take part in a time-honored tradition: Sitting on Santa’s lap in front of a Christmas tree.

But a different scene with pre-Western roots unfolded in an opposite corner. There, an elderly man wearing a feathered headdress sat banging on a drum and singing. A small circle composed of several generations and tribes of American Indians formed around him for a casually ceremonious activity known as social dancing. Side by side, the adults danced and laughed while children scurried between them.