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How Johns Hopkins Plans to Reform Higher Education



Johns Hopkins recently released a draft of its Strategic Planning Final Report, a thing that sounds so dull I can’t help but wonder if they named it that hoping that we’d all fall asleep rather than take a close look.

But many people — Hopkins grad students in particular — have taken a close look, and they don’t like what they see. In an attempt to attract undergrads, curb costs, and compete with its rivals, the university plans to reconfigure the way it treats graduate students. And, since Hopkins is a leading research institute, its choices may have a major impact nationwide, if other schools choose to follow in its footsteps. “Given the information that’s been released so far, I think this plan could have serious negative consequences for our graduate programs,” Amy Sheeran, a Hopkins grad student, told Inside Higher Ed. Here’s why:

It’s Good to Work for UMBC — And Bad to Work for Pretty Much Any Other College



The happy way to spin this is that UMBC is the 13th best college to work for, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Which is great! But the underlying message here is that most colleges are kinda terrible places to work for, at least for temporary adjunct appointees. The low pay, lack of benefits, and general overwork of adjuncts has gotten so bad that the IRS has stepped in — and you know things are dire when the IRS suddenly seems heroic — to warn colleges that they need to figure out a better system. Because the current one doesn’t just hurt adjuncts; it hurts faculty and students, too.