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Get outdoors with al fresco dining and drinking at Baltimore hot spots

Outdoor dining in Baltimore
The patio at Gunther & Co.

More outdoor dining spaces have come on the scene making al fresco dining in Baltimore a highly anticipated summertime treat. Parisians have sidewalk cafes to linger in summer, but Baltimore has hidden rooftops and patios for outdoor dining that you can find in many neighborhoods, from Brewers Hill to Hampden.

Looking for casual, sophisticated, al fresco dining? Here’s three spots close to home

Village Square Cafe

Every few weeks, on a Friday night, my husband and I meet up with his oldest pal and his wife. Inevitably we choose to dine at Donna’s in Cross Keys. It’s close to both our homes, and the food is fantastic.

Even on the minor level: I don’t usually order a Caesar salad anywhere because it consists of just a bowl of Romaine lettuce with some croutons on top. But the Caesar at Donna’s is unlike any other salad I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know what the secret is, but I promise you will flip!

When I asked co-owner Alan Hirsch recently what was up for spring, he said, “We’ve made some changes to our menu for spring, and there are more to come. Our patio is officially open, and we’re seating on it whenever it’s over 65 degrees during the day. Note that when you reserve at Donna’s Cross Keys, you can reserve an outside table simply by asking for it (both over the phone and online). This particular patio has been named as one of the dreamiest in Baltimore by various travel sites.