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The Return of Tracy Beth Richardson


A couple of months ago, as we were stuffing our blocks into the cubbies after a yoga class, a woman I saw frequently but knew only as “the short one with the beautiful blond hair” introduced herself. Alex Hewett is one of the producers of the Baltimore/DC chapter of Mortified, a show where adults present diaries, letters and other archival materials from their childhoods. She wondered if maybe I, or some of my students, would be interested in performing.

Being the Not-Me


Baltimore writer Elisabeth Dahl loses herself on Halloween night, in a good way.

One late October day when I was three or four, my mother woke me early from an afternoon nap. She held up a full gingham skirt and wide-brimmed straw hat I’d never seen and said it was time to get dressed. I was going to a neighbor’s Halloween party, she told me.