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Fighting For Recognition: Baltimore’s Overlooked Native Americans

“The Duality Of Indigeneity” by Gregg Deal, located across from the Creative Alliance.

On a crisp Saturday afternoon last month, nearly 100 people gathered at the Salvation Army in Middle River for a Christmas party. Children lined up in the gym to take part in a time-honored tradition: Sitting on Santa’s lap in front of a Christmas tree.

But a different scene with pre-Western roots unfolded in an opposite corner. There, an elderly man wearing a feathered headdress sat banging on a drum and singing. A small circle composed of several generations and tribes of American Indians formed around him for a casually ceremonious activity known as social dancing. Side by side, the adults danced and laughed while children scurried between them.

Crooked Arrows Premieres at Goucher, Opens May 18


The lacrosse movie, Crooked Arrows, which was made in Maryland and features a few local extras, made its Baltimore premiere last night at Goucher College.  The movie tells the story of a skilled Native American lacrosse athlete and his relationship to his reservation.

The movie opens in select theaters — including theaters in Hunt Valley, Owings Mills — on May 18, and nationwide June 1.