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Amtrak’s Quiet Car: Utopian Silence or Bastion of Snobs?


I was excited to snag a seat quiet car on a train ride from Baltimore to Richmond not that long ago. But just as a settled down to read my book in peace, happy to be safe from any train neighbors making extensive conference calls, the woman behind me began whispering (loudly) to her companion. It was a classic quiet car conundrum:  should I just sit there and seethe, hoping that an Amtrak official would ask them to shut up, or should I handle the shushing myself?

Amtrak Tests New Insanely Speedy Trains Near Baltimore


Amtrak has touted its “high-speed rail” for years now, so they may have some problems naming the new trains that they’re going to begin testing near Baltimore (and elsewhere along the Northeast corridor) this week. REALLY really high speed rail? The We-Mean-It-This-Time-It’s-Seriously-Fast Train? Or maybe just the 165 M.P.H. Train?