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Amtrak Acela Cars Separate in Harford County While Moving at 125 MPH

An Acela train in Washington D.C. Photo by Milkyoreo, via Wikimedia Commons.

A bad week got worse for Amtrak this morning, when an Acela Express train had to stop and unload 52 passengers this morning near Havre de Grace after two train cars separated while traveling at 125 mph.

Developers Picked to Overhaul Penn Station Eyeing Hotel, Apartments, Retail Space

An artist’s rendering of the future Penn Station. Image courtesy of Amtrak.

Amtrak has chosen a team of largely Baltimore-area developers, architects, contractors and others to handle Baltimore Penn Station’s much-awaited renovation.

Amtrak Wants to Make Northeast Corridor Trains Faster


Amtrak wants to expand rail service in the Northeast.

Billions in Amtrak Improvements for Baltimore (and Elsewhere)


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Taking the train is, theoretically, one of the most convenient ways to travel from Baltimore — but old tracks, dated equipment, and out-of-date trains often lead to delays and other annoyances.

Amtrak Train Catches Fire at Penn Station


israel and palestineFirefighters were called to Penn Station on Thursday to address smoke on the tracks.

Amtrak is Allowing Pets on Trains (For a Fee)


dogtrainPet owners, Amtrak has heard the pawing to allow furry friends on a train. On the East Coast, the rail service is now allowing small pets to board at departure points like Penn Station.

Amtrak Train Derails Between DC and Philadelphia (UPDATED)

Photo via the New York Daily News
Photo via the New York Daily News

Last night, a northbound Amtrak train traveling north from DC — otherwise known as the train that you probably take all the time if you’re traveling from Baltimore to New York or Philly or points north — derailed outside of Philadelphia in what’s being called the worst rail disaster in the Northeast corridor in years.

SRB Plans to Replace Blight with Green… Kind Of

Image via the Daily Record
Image via the Daily Record

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has made it clear that the city’s vacant houses, overgrown yards, and other signs of urban blight are unacceptable and need to be dealt with right away. Well, sort of.

One of the Most Reasonable Things Ever Finally Begins This Saturday



In one of the most sane decisions in recent memory, MARC commuter trains will begin weekend service between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., this Saturday. Day-trippers will be charged a credible fee of $7 for a one-way ticket.

The line will offer an utterly imaginable nine roundtrips on Saturdays, and a profoundly believable six on Sundays. The first Saturday train will depart Penn Station at the godly hour of 7:35 a. m. The last return trip will leave D.C. at a plausible 10:35 p. m.

Amtrak’s High Speed East Coast Rail Line Could Skip Baltimore



The goal is to set up a high-speed rail line that connects D.C. and Boston with stops in the primary markets of Philadelphia and New York. It’s a $151 billion Federal Railroad Adminstration project to be completed by 2040. Of the 15 specific plans currently on the table four would allow trains to reach a maximum speed of 220 mph.