In one of the most sane decisions in recent memory, MARC commuter trains will begin weekend service between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., this Saturday. Day-trippers will be charged a credible fee of $7 for a one-way ticket.

The line will offer an utterly imaginable nine roundtrips on Saturdays, and a profoundly believable six on Sundays. The first Saturday train will depart Penn Station at the godly hour of 7:35 a. m. The last return trip will leave D.C. at a plausible 10:35 p. m.

Yes. Finally. Duh. Geez. Thank you.

Did I mention that I don’t understand why we haven’t always had this totally obvious thing?

2 replies on “One of the Most Reasonable Things Ever Finally Begins This Saturday”

  1. It will now be much easier to convince my DC friends to go out in Baltimore. Even with the cost of a train ticket, they’ll still save money!

  2. Because trains do not make money, so adding services costs taxpayer dollars and nobody likes taxes. I’m glad this has finally happened too. I’m just answering your question.

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