Amtrak is Allowing Pets on Trains (For a Fee)

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dogtrainPet owners, Amtrak has heard the pawing to allow furry friends on a train. On the East Coast, the rail service is now allowing small pets to board at departure points like Penn Station.

Amtrak tried out the passenger pets model in the fall on the East Coast. After 2,700 pets traveled, they made the Pets on Trains program permanent in February. And over the weekend, Amtrak began a weekend-only pilot on Acela Express.

Getting to this point required an act of Congress. Rep. Jeff Denham of California initially introduced the Pets on Trains Act in 2013, and it was signed into law in 2015.

Being a federal statute, there is of course fine print attached. Pets cost $25 to board and must be in a carrier. The trips have to be less than 7 hours. Additionally, big dogs will have to try again next Congress. Pet and carrier can’t be larger than 20 pounds.




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