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The Science of Stress: A Conversation with Karen Kreisberg, Betsy Krieger and Amy Bloom Connolly

Amy Bloom Connolly
Amy Bloom Connolly

Courtesy Citybizlist— So how do you take the science of stress and design a solution that makes a difference to kids, their families and communities in which they live? Amy Bloom Connolly has been figuring that out over many years and most recently through a program called Shine, with the help of the Krieger Fund, which is why Karen Kreisberg and Betsy Krieger joined our conversation.

Smart Money. The Krieger Fund has moved from a traditional grant making model, to becoming a proactive partner with the organizations it financially supports, such as Shine. Their evolving role parallels the world of active angels or “smart money.” As Karen and Betsy describe it, when looking at innovative approaches to treating the effects childhood trauma, the Krieger Fund looks for evidence of the impact of a program, and then to how it can be scaled, all the time being open to new ideas and different ways of thinking about childhood trauma. They, like smart money in the tech world, are in the business of impactful ideas.