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Dog Found Shot in Leg and Left on Interstate in Baltimore

Charlie the pit bull. Photo via BARCS/Facebook.

In a reminder of the tragic cruelty that humans are capable of, someone shot a pit bull in the leg and left it to die on the side of the interstate in Baltimore earlier this week.

Police Searching for Man Accused of Killing Four Puppies in Fit of Anger

Courtesy BPD
Donald Yearwood (left) and some of the surviving puppies in the litter, Courtesy BPD

Not all of today’s news about dogs in Baltimore is heartwarming. Police say a 21-year-old man is wanted for killing four puppies and leaving them in a dumpster in South Baltimore earlier this month.

Girl Scouts Speak in Cecil County, Adults Yell Racial Insults at Them



Yesterday, Chesapeake Bay Girl Scout Troop 176 attended at a public meeting in Cecil County. The girls, ages 10 to 13, briefly about animal rights issues — the county’s animal control facility has been accused of mistreating animals — saying controversial things like “I felt really bad for the animals” and holding controversial signs like “save the animals.” And then adults–grown-ups!!–started yelling racial insults at the girls.

Baltimore County Prosecutors are Latest Anti-Animal Cruelty Poster Children

April Doherty and Adam Lippe get a look at their poster.
April Doherty and Adam Lippe get a look at their poster.

The Show Your Soft Side campaign is lawyering up.

Maryland Zoo Bids Goodbye to a Beloved Polar Bear



This week, the Maryland Zoo bid goodbye to Alaska the polar bear, one of the zoo’s most-beloved residents — and an animal with a Hollywood-ready life featuring evil zookeepers, valiant vets, and polar bear sign language. Seriously, someone should option this: