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This Week in Research: Climate Change Wines

He's not your typical climate scientist...
He’s not your typical climate scientist…

Sure, climate change is bad, and will put all of us on the Eastern Seaboard underwater soon enough — but it may also make for some exciting new wine regions!

Antonio Busalacchi, director of the UMD Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, has pigeonholed himself in an amazing way: he is both a climate change specialist and a wine expert. And through examining climate data, he’s identified ways that the world’s top wine-producing regions are having to adapt to a new environmental reality. For example, Champagne is traditionally produced in, well, Champagne, France. But some Champagne vineyards have been buying up land in southern England (mainly Sussex and Kent), because warming temperatures mean that region is newly hospitable to growing their style of grapes. Oh, and the land there is 30 times cheaper than it is in Champagne.