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Archery: Will “Hunger Games” Start a Trend in Baltimore and Beyond?


Not that winter was ever really here, but now that it’s officially over, it might be time to put down the knitting needles, pick up a bow and arrow and head outdoors. A Vanity Fair interview suggests that archery could be the next big trend for women and girls.

Vanity Fair Hollywood blogger Julie Miller interviewed Van Webster, the Pasadena Roving Archers director of instruction and one of two coaches who trained Avatar cast members.     The purpose of the interview was to get an expert’s opinion on whether Jennifer Lawrence’s archery techniques in The Hunger Games are accurate.

Webster responded positively to the attention Lawrence and the pre-release buzz surrounding the movie has already brought to the sport. He says, “Now, we’re getting a bump in our programs from the primary audience of [The Hunger Games]: teenage girls and their mothers. We’re trying to put groups of girls together to get lessons.”

Marylanders don’t have to feel left out. The Maryland Archery Association (MAA) State Indoor Championship March 24-25 coincides with the movie’s opening weekend. There are also many archery clubs within a short trajectory from Baltimore.

I spoke with Archery Chairman Jim Bauman of Perry Hall-located Vingt-Neuf Bowmen. He says, “We get some women taking lessons, but not too many.” Their spring lesson sessions have ended as they move into the competition season, but he hopes The Hunger Games attract more archery enthusiasts.

One caution I recommend from the two times I’ve pulled a bow string, you might want an arm guard because the string can slap against your forearm. This might be the perfect occasion you’ve been looking for to wear the latest warm-weather leather trend. Think Joan of Arc meets ladies who lunch.