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Mom, Daughter Reunited After ‘Acquaintance’ Steals Car in Essex, Drives Away with Baby

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A mother and her daughter have been reunited after a harrowing ordeal today in which police say a woman stole another woman’s Mazda and drove it 13 miles — all with a six-month child sitting in the back.

New Baby Female Giraffe Born at the Maryland Zoo – The First in 20 Years

Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill, Courtesy Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

A very tall baby has joined the diverse clan of wildlife in the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s African Journey section.

Baby Delivered on the Beltway With Troopers’ Help

I-695, via Wikimedia Commons user Mlaurenti
I-695, via Wikimedia Commons user Mlaurenti

A newborn baby wasn’t about to wait out a ride on the Baltimore’s beltway before arriving on Thursday night. So it fell to a state trooper to deliver.

Join (cool) progeny at Wee Chic Boutique for CRAVINGS: A Pop-Up Babymoon for New and Expectant Moms



(from the CoolProgeny website)

We are counting down to Baby M and are inviting all of Baltimore’s (cool) new and expectant moms to celebrate with us! Spend a relaxing afternoon browsing fabulous baby gear items, being pampered, and mingling. All fun, no stress! A pop-up party.