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Party Time in the Lost City: Winik Family Vacation 2012!


Marion Winik notes: This is the first in a series of 134 articles about the Atlantis resort I will be writing to fund my upcoming Visa bill.

Family vacations are all about creating magical memories, and here’s one we Winiks will treasure from our four-day visit to the Bahamas this month.

It was 11 a.m., Day Two. Hayes and Vince, my 24- and 22-year-old sons, were chillaxing on our 11th-floor balcony. They looked out over a phantasmagoric vista: mangrove and hibiscus, vast free-form pools surrounded by flotillas of lounges, a DJ in a gazebo spinning Usher for the mid-morning mojito crowd; beyond all that, the turquoise sea. In the other direction, they could see right into what we had dubbed The Factory, a complex of loading docks and warehouses through which trucks and workers streamed continuously. Our Terrace View room, as the reservation agent described it, was just $500/night on summer special.