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Two Men Arrested in Old Goucher Corner Store Raid Released After Tests Show No Drugs

The store raided for suspected heroin and morphine in Old Goucher on Dec. 5. Photo via Lowell Larsson/Google Maps.

Two men charged and detained for nearly a month after a raid on an Old Goucher corner store were released Wednesday after lab tests found 29 pounds of alleged fentanyl and morphine that authorities seized weren’t actually fentanyl or morphine at all.

Rosedale KKK Leader Who Fired Pistol at Va. Hate Rally Denied Bail

Richard Preston in 2013. Still via YouTube/USA Today.

Richard Preston, the imperial wizard of Rosedale’s chapter of the Ku Klu Klan, will remain jailed without bond in Albemarle County, Va.

City Lawmakers Exploring App-Based ‘Guns for Bail’ Exchange

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Last night, a resolution went before the Baltimore City Council asking members to consider letting the city  trade bail time to defendants in exchange for their firearms.

Maryland’s Top Court Rules Judges Can’t Detain Defendants on Unaffordable Bail


Maryland court officers can no longer order that defendants be held ahead of trial on bail that they cannot afford, the state’s top court ruled yesterday.

Michigan Cash Bail System In Need of Substantial Reform


Patrick Barone is a criminal defense lawyer, licensed to practice in the state of Michigan. His published works, teaching experience and impressive number of case wins has earned him an esteemed position in the legal community.

A recent report by Bridge Magazine takes a hard look at the true cost of Michigan’s cash bail system.

Judge Denies ‘Serial’ Subject Adnan Syed’s Motion for Release on Bail

Adnan Syed

Infamous former Woodlawn High School student Adnan Syed has a new trial pending in the high-profile 1999 murder case of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. However, he won’t be getting out of prison on bail before he goes back to court, a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge has ruled.

American Bar Association’s President Joins Calls for Change in Md. Cash Bail System

CC By 3.0
CC by 3.0

Add the president of our country’s largest professional legal organization to the list of people urging Maryland’s courts to stop putting poor defendants behind bars before trial with high bail.

Report: Bail System Makes the Innocent Pay, Targets Poor Baltimore Neighborhoods



It’s no secret that the bail bonds game is a lucrative business, but according to a new report from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, that game is costly for many who end up being found innocent anyway. It also perpetuates poverty in Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods, the authors write.

Chief Md. District Court Judge Cautions Judges on How They Set Bail



The top judge in the District Court of Maryland appears to agree with Attorney General Brian Frosh in his argument that setting bail unreachably high for defendants is wrong.

Maryland AG Asks Courts To Change Bail Rules, Particularly for the Poor



Attorney General Brian Frosh says he wants justice for poor defendants around Maryland. He penned a letter today to the body that makes practices for Maryland’s court system asking them to change the rules for setting bail.

Adnan Syed’s Attorneys Request His Release on Bail Ahead of New Trial


Adnan Syed

With a new trial for “Serial” subject Adnan Syed pending, the attorneys representing the man with the longstanding questionable murder conviction have asked the state to release him on bail.

Did Beyonce and Jay-Z Bail Out Baltimore Protestors?

Beyonce & Jay-Z with Freddie Gray's family, backstage at last week's Prince concert in Baltimore. Photo via Twitter.
Beyonce & Jay-Z with Freddie Gray’s family, backstage at last week’s Prince concert in Baltimore. Photo via Twitter.

According to a filmmaker and activist, Jay-Z and Beyonce have been quietly supporting the #blacklivesmatter protest movement in numerous ways, including by providing “tens of thousands of dollars” in bail money to help get arrested protestors out of jail.