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Council gears up for hearings on police commissioner nominee Fitzgerald

Image still from WBAL-TV’s Facebook Live.

To start the new year, City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young released transcripts from a council delegation’s interviews with Fort Worth lawmakers, police brass and community members on Joel Fitzgerald, the Texas city’s police chief who now seeks to lead the police department in Baltimore.

Trump Nudges Police to Treat Arrestees Roughly, Sending Chills Through Post-Freddie Gray Baltimore

Official portrait of President Donald Trump, via the White House

The president’s latest head-scratching speech, in which he urged law enforcement to not be “too nice” to arrestees, reopened some wounds here in Baltimore.

Agreement on Police Reforms ‘Extremely Unlikely’ Before SRB Leaves Office

Courtesy Mayor SRB/Facebook
Mayor Rawlings-Blake, BPD Commissioner Davis and DOJ Civil Rights Division Chief Vanita Gupta, Courtesy Mayor SRB/Facebook

There’s little to no chance the City and U.S. Justice Department will have finalized a consent decree holding required reforms for the Baltimore Police Department by Dec. 5, according to outgoing Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Someone Is Stealing Central A/C Units in Southeast Baltimore


A/C Unit

It’s not every day you come home to find your entire backyard air conditioning unit gone. But that’s exactly what happened to five households in Canton and other neighborhoods in Southeast Baltimore late last month.

Police Unveil Interviewing Space Designed for Sexual Assault Survivors

Courtesy of Baltimore Police
Courtesy of Baltimore Police

The Baltimore Police Department is toughening up on sexual assault investigations by softening its surroundings for survivors.

Baltimore’s not the only city dealing with a rising murder rate, but it does stand out


A newly released FBI report indicates violent crime rose across the United States in 2015. Murders increased by nearly 11 percent and violent crime overall increased by almost four percent, ending a two-year decline in total violent crimes. In Baltimore, the jump was over 60 percent.

Baltimore Police seize $3 million in heroin, cash

BPD displays the seized drugs and money. (via Baltimore Police twitter)
BPD displays the seized drugs and money. (via Baltimore Police Twitter)

The Baltimore Police Department seizes guns and drugs, then Tweets out pictures of the findings almost everyday. But a Thursday night haul might need its own Evidence Room. Approximately 12 kg of heroin and $825,000 were seized in a Thursday night raid at a home in the 2500 block of Oakley Ave.