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[email protected]: ArtLab Emphasizes the Important Influence of Art and Creativity in Baltimore City

Labs@LightCity ArtLab
Photo courtesy Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts by Mike Oswald

Innovation LABS at the third annual Light City Baltimore concluded last week, packed with unprecedented access to Baltimore’s movers and shakers, and the nudge to get the city collaborating for change.

Bmoreart’s Picks: Baltimore Art Openings, Galleries, and Events March 20 – 26


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Joyce J. Scott + Kyle Hackett | Reception
Wednesday, March 21st : 6-8pm

Winter Sale at Halcyon House with 50% Off Select Items – Ends March 1


For one week only, Halcyon House is clearing out to make way for the new spring arrivals.  Now is your chance to save 50% off of your favorite seasonal art, home furnishings and accessories.

Winter Sale at Halcyon House with 50% Off Select Items


For one week only, Halcyon House is clearing out to make way for the new spring arrivals.  Now is your chance to save 50% off of your favorite seasonal art, home furnishings and accessories.

Don’t Miss the Open Walls Project: Finale Celebration Tonight at Station North



You’re driving down East North Avenue and just as you take the left onto Charles you look up and whoa! Huge mural. It’s a man lying on his side, fetal position, pulling off a mask that spirals away from him into a bright tangle of color and shapes. It must be 25-feet tall, and more than twice that long. All of a sudden the empty lot becomes a stage, a vantage point, somewhere to stand and take in the art. Sure it’s still dotted with empty cement buckets, and Doritos bags roll through like tumbleweed, but these things seem to matter less now.

The piece, recently completed by Argentinian artist Ever, is one of the most visible of 23 murals in Baltimore’s Open Walls project, which spans through Station North. Open Walls is an achievement in many senses – not only are the pieces artistically significant in and of themselves, they also represent a major collaboration among some of the foremost contemporary mural artists in the world, and a media success within and outside of the city. As a Baltimore native and resident, though, the most important part for me is their psychological impact, the way they transform the spaces they overlook. I wanted to see some more, so I rode around the area for a while.

Funky Charmer: Resident Artist Pam Stein


Self-taught mosaic designer Pam Stein calls herself simply a community artist, which smacks of a do-it-yourself artsy-craftsiness that tends to lower this viewer’s expectations — I prefer to describe Pam, our newest Baltimore Fishbowl resident artist, as an idiosyncratic creative/community activist whose multi-media installations reinvent collage. At her best, Pam dazzles with exuberant color and off-kilter imagery–trees sprout rivers, flowers and feminine faces; imagine Kahlo and Da Vinci merged brains, incorporated found objects, and watched “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” for inspiration.

“My mom was always into trees and has art with trees of all shapes,” Pam says. “I, too, am fascinated with the shapes and structure of trees–they seem to make it in my art even if it’s not the main focus.”

Pam has served as director of the art therapy program at Healthcare for the Homeless in Baltimore City, helping individual participants learn to integrate into society by way of step-by-step self expression. These days, she’s a stay-at-home artist mom with three young kids. Featured in galleries in and around Baltimore City, including the Walter’s, Pam’s work is often displayed alongside pieces by her therapy clients, whom she has directed and advised; much of her work remains on permanent exhibition in the new Healthcare for the Homeless facility on Fallsway. Currently, Pam participates in Parks and People’s “Nature of Things” show, displaying sculptures built of natural materials on the trails of Leakin Park in Baltimore City.

The artist is currently looking to make commissioned work and new projects. After the installation of two successful outdoor mosaic murals for a client in the Roland Park area, she’s also preparing a community project in her own Evergreen neighborhood. Pam’s own house on Schenley Road in Evergreen is another playful P.S. installation, with hot orange shutters, a blue porch, stars and many moons shimmering. Stunning sculptures (with faces) live on her porch and inside the house. Write to Pam for a tour or to commission a project.

Pam’s work featured here, “Shanti Tree,” uses origami, postcard fragments, found metal, and her grandmother’s jewelry. “Tribal Tree” is made with yarn and glue. The portraits are a collaboration between a homeless artist and a community artist, supervised by Pam.