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Bill, the Weather-Predicting Crab, Forecasts a Warm Fall



Punxsutawney has Phil, the groundhog who predicts the approach of spring; Baltimore has Phil, the weather forecasting crab. Oh, so you haven’t heard of Bill? That might be because he’s only been around for a few years — but in those couple years, he’s never been wrong.

UPDATED: Bill, Baltimore’s Weather-Predicting Crab, Will Tell Us if Winter Is Coming After All…



Everyone knows you can’t trust a meteorologist for an accurate weather prediction. Do you know what you can trust? Baltimore Bill, the official weather-predicting crab.

For the past couple of years, Baltimore Bill has predicted the coming season by scuttling off his specially built crab platform and jumping into the Chesapeake Bay. Last year, Bill predicted an early winter, and sure enough, Baltimore saw its first snow in mid-November. The year before, he got it right as well. A 100% accuracy rate is better than any other weatherman, weatherwoman, or weathercrab we’ve ever heard of; it also handily beats out Punxsatawney Phil, who gets it right only about 39% of the time.