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NPR’s World Cafe Spotlights Baltimore Music Scene

Herd of Main Street.
Herd of Main Street.

NPR became the latest national media outlet to check out Baltimore’s cultural cache. While John Oliver and USA Today came for the food, public radio’s World Cafe stayed around for the music. 

Baltimore Rockers Liquor Bike Reunite and Recognize Their Impact

left to right, Colin Preston, David Koslowski, Eric Dixon, Michael Starr Gaitley, 2012 — photo by Sam Holden

David Koslowski, 45, and his Liquor Bike band mates don’t practice for a gig the way they did 20 years ago.

Baltimore Music Fans: Friday Show Double-Whammy Wildness


Friday night’s going to be a wild one. It’ll kick off at the Current Space Lot and end at some ungodly hour in the Floristree.

Current is holding a double-album release party for Chester Endersby Gwazda and Bamboo. And if that isn’t exciting enough, Future Islands and Believers are playing there too.

Baltimore-and-Brooklyn-Based Animal Collective Announces Long Awaited New Album


Since Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009), Animal Collective has played hard-to-get with their fans, offering only two reissues and a handful of tracks on their Fall Be Kind EP (2009). But the past couple of weeks have seen a lot of action from the group. First there was the two-side single Honeycomb and Gotham, which hit the internet on May 6.  Then a week later, the Brooklyn-via-Baltimore based band announced a new album, Centipede Hz (“Hz” pronounced “Hertz”), due out on September 4.

Check out the teaser here:

The album was recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas, but much of the actual composition took place near Baltimore, in a barn on Josh Dibb (stage name Deakin)’s property. In interviews, Dave Portner (Avey Tare) describes the album as a return to Animal Collective’s “garage band roots.” It’s a move away from Merriweather’s terrestrial, aural moods, focusing more on the live performance – less sampling, and a higher, rawer energy on many of the tracks.