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Greenlaurel: Camp Small, once a costly pile, is now a buzzing, zero-waste wood-salvaging initiative

These 20-foot-high piles of wood are just a fraction of Camp Small’s inventory. Photo by Laurel Peltier.

Have you ever noticed that massive wood pile when you drive southbound on I-83, between the Northern Parkway and Cold Spring Lane exits? That “wood dump,” if you will, is actually Baltimore’s Camp Small Zero Waste Initiative, a vital supply of home-grown timber, mulch and firewood logs for the city. And what’s more, those money-making logs are sitting atop some interesting Civil War history.

This Baltimore Alley Makeover Should Be On HGTV

Before: drab cement. After: A word-of-art leading to positive community outcomes.
Before: Drab cement. After: A work-of-art. Credit: Robbyn Lewis, Chris Beall and Darin Hughes.

Does your Baltimore alley need a little love? Too much trash and grit? Check out Patterson Park’s gorgeous “Green Alley” and get inspired. Learn how your alley community can be transformed from cement to a functional work-of-art that keeps trash where it’s supposed to be, in trash cans, not in the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore’s Kristin Baja Honored By White House for Climate Leadership


K.BajaCongratulations are in order for Kristin Baja, a Climate and Resilience Planner at Baltimore City’s Office of Sustainability. Baja and ten others will be honored as White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity. Baja is being recognized for her work in implementing climate change resiliency programs for Baltimore’s most vulnerable communities. The White House event will be live streamed on Friday, July 15, at 2:30 p.m. EST. 

City’s FEMA Award Wins Residents Huge Flood Insurance Savings

Coastal flooding is expected to increase due to climate change making Inner Harbor flooding more commonplace.
Higher sea levels due to climate change are expected to make flooding in Baltimore more commonplace.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded Baltimore its highest Class 5 flood preparedness rating. Who’s excited? About 3,000 Baltimore business owners and residents because their flood insurance premiums will drop up to 25 percent going forward. Better building codes, public education and improved infrastructure means that flooding will wreak less damage on buildings located in flood hazard areas.

Help Shape Baltimore’s Sustainability Plan 2.0 by Telling Your Story

The Office of Sustainability's partnership with Civic Works created Baltimore Energy Initiative which helps residents reduce energy.
Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability’s and Civic Works created the Baltimore Energy Initiative. The $52 million program helps residents reduce energy.

It’s time to update Charm City’s Sustainability Plan and the Office of Sustainability wants your voice and your story to be the plan’s foundation. With the recently launched Every Story Counts and Community Ambassador initiatives, along with the newly-awarded Partners for Places Equity Pilot grant, our next Sustainability Plan will ensure Baltimore will be sustainable and resilient for all neighborhoods.

City’s Neighborhood Grow Center Opens, Offering Free Workshops and Greenery

At last weekend's inaugural Grow Center, the chicken coop building workshop was a big hit.
At last weekend’s inaugural Grow Center, the chicken coop building workshop was a big hit.

Each weekend this April, Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability is piloting the Neighborhood Grow Center.  Taking place every Saturday and Sunday this April from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Baltimore Community ToolBank (1224 Wicomico Street in Carroll-Camden), the Neighborhood Grow Center offers visitors free greening workshops, free plant materials, and locally-sourced gardening supplies.