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Somerset County Man Wants to Cancel Obama’s Vacation


More than a year ago, the White House created an online petition system at whitehouse.gov, through which citizens can create petitions for the president. If they garner at least 25,000 signatures in a month’s time (and they address a topic that falls within the president’s purview), the White House will issue an official response.

Sens. Mikulski and Cardin Demand Individual Federal Aid from FEMA for Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Sens. Ben Cardin and Barb Mikulski

Maryland Sens. Barb Mikulski and Ben Cardin pressed for President Obama and FEMA to reverse their decision to deny federal aid to Marylanders left without habitable homes in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Mikulski called those affected “the 2 percent that go to war and fight for America;” Cardin pointed out that a whopping 32 percent of residents of the hard-hit Crisfield live below the poverty line and simply cannot get back on their feet without help.

The Best Part About Today Is Looking Back at the Pundits Who Got It Wrong


If you’re an anti-gambling, anti-gay-marriage, anti-Dream Act, pro-Romney Marylander, today is not a great day for you. While others are celebrating, you are probably futzing with some household project you’ve been putting off, muttering under your breath about freedom and how things used to be in this country. But, for a moment, let’s all of us set down our political agony and ecstasy and come together for some disinterested pundit-shaming.