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Kid Discrimination at a Baltimore Restaurant?


We’ve read nationally that hot restaurants are trending away from customer coddling. One Baltimore restaurant seems to echo this rhythm, but is it actually symptomatic of a larger happening? Local diners, please weigh in below. – The Eds.

The world of a work-at-home mom almost always has one of two things going: either a juggling act or a balancing act, but typically it’s a circus. I don’t think the majority of people realize the sacrifices moms makes in order to maintain a daily presence with their children. That’s a topic for another column. My own juggling act brought me to a cozy, upscale urban bistro at lunchtime, with my tween, my toddler, and meeting notes.

Kids Today: Needy and Greedy?


We usually think of anthropologists studying cultures far removed from our own — remote Amazonian tribes, or South Pacific island societies. But it turns out that there’s just as much strange, fascinating stuff going on right in our own backyards, according to a couple of UCLA anthropologists who’ve spent the past decade examining that most exotic of cultures… the American middle class. And their results show that our children are kind of helpless and bratty.