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Asked for ‘demonstrable progress’ on fire code issue with bike lanes, BCFD makes a home movie

The driver of a tiller struggles to get in the driver’s side door on Maryland Avenue near 28th Street. Screenshot from Baltimore City Fire Department video.

Last week, city council members in the Judiciary and Legislative Investigations Committee directed the Baltimore City Fire Department and other agencies to resolve a thorny issue that’s stalled bike lanes and development projects. Make “demonstrable progress” on projects that have been delayed by a dispute over a provision of the fire code, committee chair Eric Costello said, or the council will pass legislation removing a rule that sets required street clearances for fire equipment.

The fire department responded by making a home movie for the council.

City unveils five options for a redesigned Roland Park cycle track, one of them DOT-‘preferred’

Photo by Ethan McLeod

Thursday night’s public meeting concerning the Department of Transportation’s planned reworking of the Roland Park cycle track left residents with five options to consider and ended quietly, with no confrontations or shouting matches.

City firefighter charged with assault after altercation at May 14 bike lane meeting

Photo via Bikemore

When Ryan Patterson and his son joined dozens of others at the Baltimore School for the Arts Recital Hall for a public meeting on May 14, Patterson knew to expect some tension in the room. This assembly concerned the Downtown Bike Network—its segments on Madison and Centre streets, specifically—and bike lanes are, as Patterson puts it, “a hot issue that a lot of people have opinions about.”

What Patterson didn’t expect was a physical altercation. Soon after the meeting began, a “commotion” erupted in the back of the room, Patterson says.

“The crowd jumped out of their seats, and this white, bald guy in the back of the room lifted this young, black guy up by the throat,” he says.

Amid construction on Druid Lake Reservoir, city to install pedestrian, bike paths connecting Remington and Reservoir Hill

The new planned layout for Druid Park Lake Drive, eastbound. Image via Bikemore.

In its present sprawling state, Druid Park Lake Drive “acts as a divider”—”a moat,” even—for pedestrians and residents living near Druid Hill Park, Councilman Leon Pinkett says. “The speed and the width of that corridor doesn’t allow communities of West Baltimore…to really access the park in the way that it should.”

But with Baltimore’s Department of Transportation already set to close off lanes along the thoroughfare to make way for construction equipment for the ongoing Druid Lake Reservoir project, the city is trying a temporary experiment that Pinkett suggests is a “win-win.”

Due to snow, city cancels public meeting to discuss future of Roland Avenue bike lanes

Image via Google Street View

UPDATE (March 20, 2 p.m.): The Baltimore City Department of Transportation says it has cancelled the 6 p.m. meeting at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School due to inclement weather.

Original (March 8): Nine months after a neighborhood association representing Roland Park residents asked the city to tear out two mile-long bike lanes in their neighborhood, the Department of Transportation has scheduled a public meeting about the matter.

City Officials Again Delay Downtown Bike Network’s Installation

Photo via Bikemore

Baltimore officials are delaying the installation of the much-awaited Downtown Bicycle Network by as much as 10 more months so that city agencies can reconfigure three streets to meet fire code standards and safety regulations.

Coming Soon? A Bike Boulevard for Covington Street in Federal Hill and Riverside

Photo via Bikemore

Baltimore’s Board of Estimates will vote tomorrow on whether to disburse more than $91,000 in state grants for a new “bicycle boulevard” along Covington Street in Federal Hill and Riverside.

Cycling Advocates, City Reach Settlement in Potomac Street Bike Lane Lawsuit

Bike Party
A Baltimore Bike Party event in 2014. Photo by Brian O’Doherty.

Local cycling advocacy group Bikemore says it’s reached a settlement with the city that will keep the Potomac Street bike lane intact.