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New York Times Magazine Profiles Mayoral Candidate DeRay Mckesson



“DeRay Mckesson will not be the next mayor of Baltimore,” reads the opening of the New York Times Magazine profile of the Black Lives Matter activist who announced his candidacy two months ago, to much fanfare. “He’s a 30-year-old with no experience in city government who registered less than 1 percent in a recent poll. He has no clear local support network and has been rejected by his most likely constituency — the city’s young black activists.”

John Waters Endorses Deray Mckesson for Baltimore Mayor

Via DeRay Mckesson's Twitter profile.
Photo via DeRay Mckesson’s Twitter profile.

“I realize many candidates wouldn’t want my endorsement,” Baltimore filmmaker John Waters concedes in a short Twitter video. “And sure the two front-runners in the election would do a good job if they won, but would anything really change?”

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson Struggles to Gain Traction



Think Progress – A new Baltimore Sun poll of likely voters in the city’s upcoming Democratic mayoral primary shows 30-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson with less than one percent support, way behind leading candidates Democratic State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh (26 percent support) and former Mayor Sheila Dixon (24 percent).

Baltimore Teen Becoming a Force in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

From a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster.
From a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster.

Makayla Gilliam-Price, the 17-year-old Baltimore activist who penned a blog post that got a high-ranking police officer in hot water over his callous tweets, has earned a profile in the Washington Post as a “rising voice in Baltimore’s Black Lives Matters” movement.

City Reverses Citation Ordering Man to Remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ Messages From His House

Whitehurst's house (via ACLU)
Whitehurst’s house (via ACLU)

The city ordered a Baltimore man to remove political messages that he spraypainted on the side of his house. But after intervention from the ACLU, Maurice Whitehurst was allowed to leave the messages, which included “Black Lives Matter.”

Lawyers for Baltimore Protesters Get $50K Grant

Eric Garner
Baltimore protests another grand jury decision, via WJZ.

Attorneys who represent Baltimore protesters in court received a grant to help continue their work into the fall.

Rally in Honor of Charleston Shooting Victims in Baltimore Tonight



This week’s horrendous shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston claimed nine victims--including a track coach, a librarian, a state senator, and many other beautiful souls. It’s easy to feel helpless after such a horrible incident. But sometimes even just gathering together can feel like taking a small, positive step.