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Your Dog Could Be a Hero: Canine Blood Bank Desperately Needs Donors



If you’ve ever donated blood, you know the feeling:  lightheadedness (from the loss of blood), plus a strange sense of well-being (from knowing that you might’ve just helped save someone’s life). Don’t you want to give your dog that same sense of purpose?

Perhaps you, like me, didn’t know until today that canine blood banks are a thing. Well, they are — how else would sick and injured dogs get the blood transfusions they desperately need? — and the only one in the Maryland-DC-Virginia area is suffering a major shortage. Your dog might be able to help.

This Week in Research: Diet Advice and Blood Money



A previous Johns Hopkins study showed that doctors are less likely to bond with overweight patients; now new research from Hopkins shows that patients can be just as prejudiced against their doctors.