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Maryland Ranked the Safest State for Teen Drivers

What not to do when driving. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Driving will always be a risky activity for teenagers, but Maryland parents may be able to find some solace in a new national ranking that puts the state above all others for teen driving safety.

Car Talk: A Memoir



UB grad student Ellen Hartley watches her wild life race past from behind the wheel.

1956:  The Chrysler

When I was 15, my mother drove me to the doctor’s to have a growth removed from my neck. I was old enough to get my learner’s permit but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So I had to be chauffeured. Mother was more than happy to comply — she was in no hurry for me to start driving. Especially since it was her car – a shiny new Chrysler Windsor Deluxe – that I’d be abusing.