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Maryland’s Not that into Pets? Let’s Help Our Image at the Humane Lobby Day



So Maryland ranks number 44 (in the bottom 10) for national pet ownership, with 52.3 percent of households owning a pet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s just released U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. The last time AVMA put together such a sourcebook in 2006, we ranked 48 (bottom 10, again). But what surprised me — a hardcore animal lover — far more were the freaky findings for D.C.

MDSPCA Weekly Pet Adoption: To the “Max”


As told to Vincent Jennings, adoption counselor, MDSPCA.

“Hi there! I’m a friendly and active fella looking for a new home to settle into. I enjoy greeting people when they enter a room and exploring my territory before taking long cat naps. Oh…I totally love getting brushed and petted whenever possible too. Please visit be at the MDSPA adoption center today and lets go home together!”

Max, 3 years old, neutered male, 8 lbs, Buff Tabby, American Domestic Medium Hair

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