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Father Maskell’s DNA Doesn’t Match with Evidence from Murdered Nun’s Crime Scene, Baltimore Co. Police Say

Image via Netflix

In a case that’s becoming more worthy of its own Netflix show every month, police have now determined that DNA from a late priest named as a suspect in Sister Cathy Cesnik’s 1969 murder in Baltimore County doesn’t match with DNA found at the crime scene.

Police Dug Up Late Baltimore Priest’s Body to Further Investigate Sister Cathy Cesnik’s Murder


Baltimore County police exhumed Father A. Joseph Maskell’s body more than two months ago as part of an investigation of a Baltimore nun’s unsolved 1969 killing, according to media reports.

Watch: Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘The Keepers,’ a New Series About a Baltimore Nun’s Murder


Netflix has released the official trailer for its new documentary series exploring the cover-up of the 1969 murder of Baltimore nun Sister Catherine Cesnik.