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Baltimore’s Drinking Water Ranked the 10th Best in the Country

Image by Chihonglee, via Wikimedia Commons

For all of Baltimore’s infrastructural problems, our drinking water is first-rate, according to a magazine’s new ranking of municipal water systems.

Greenlaurel: Today is Maryland’s First-Ever Children’s Environmental Health Day

Everyday consumer products contain untested, and oftentimes unhealthy synthetic chemicals. Found in grocery stores, shampoo often contains fake scents based on phthalates, a known hormone disruptor.

Already a legislative leader in reducing children’s toxic exposure, Maryland is now the third state to officially designate today as Children’s Environmental Health Day. The state’s new eco-holiday is an ideal time to take stock of the clear link between negative health outcomes for kids and the 80,000 mostly untested chemicals found in our air, water, consumer products and food, and perhaps more importantly, to consider taking steps to reduce our kids’ exposure to everyday chemicals.

An Environmentalist Moved into Rachel Carson’s Old House. And Then…

Photo of Carson's/Shukla's house courtesy the Center for a Livable Future
Photo of Carson’s/Shukla’s house courtesy the Center for a Livable Future

In a cool example of serendipity, a Baltimore woman studying environmental and health policy discovered that her brick rowhouse near the Johns Hopkins campus had once housed one of her heroes — Rachel Carson, the environmentalist who wrote Silent Spring. And then, in a less-cool example of serendipity, she had to move out because the landlord fumigated the house without ventilating (or notifying the tenants) — exactly the sort of casual use of pesticides that Rachel Carson argued against.