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Spring Returns: Chris Davis, Michael Phelps Back From Suspensions


Chris Davis Approved for Adderall UseAfter a fall of scandal and suspension, there’s a couple of signs that the ship of Baltimore sports is righting itself with the beginning of spring. While some, like Ray Rice, may have pulled up roots, two of the town’s beloved stars are making returns to action with the new season.

Chris Davis Lifts Truck Off Accident Victim



On Monday, a car accident on I-295 left one victim pinned underneath a pickup truck. A bunch of people gathered to help lift the pickup off the trapped man… and one of them happened to be Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis.

Five Reasons to Brag About the Orioles’ 2013 Season



Just so you don’t let the undeniably disappointing end to the Orioles’ 2013 season color your view of the whole thing — and in case you find yourself in the position of defending the birds to outsiders — here are five reasons to be proud of the hometown team.:

+ We all know Chris “Crush” Davis led the major leagues in home runs with 53, a single-season total only 17 sluggers in baseball history have ever reached, but the Most Valuable Oriole also beat out Miguel Cabrera to lead the leagues in RBIs, with 138.

+ Third baseman Manny Machado led the American League in doubles (51), posted the third highest hit total in both leagues, and ended the season with the tenth highest WAR rating (a sabermetric uber-statistic that is too complicated for me to understand).

Chris Davis Home Run Watch: Number 37



If you were downtown on Sunday, that loud CRACK you heard was Chris “Crush” Davis hitting his 37th home run against the Toronto Blue Jays and tying Reggie Jackson’s 1969 American League record for the most home runs hit before the All Star break. (In 2001, Barry Bonds hit 39… with some, um, chemical assistance.) That also makes four games in a row in which Davis has homered. The man is unstoppable!

Watch Every Single One of Chris Davis’s Home Runs, All At Once


I don’t know about you, but I was feeling a little blah this morning. And then I saw this gif-montage of every single one of Oriole Chris “Crush” Davis’s home runs from the 2013 season. (More on Baltimore’s newest hero here.) Now I feel better. Anyone got anything I can smash? (Via Baltimore City Paper)


Orioles Magic: Feel it Re-Happen



The author's son, Charlie, on Opening Day.  Photo by Muffy Fenwick.
The author’s son, Charlie, on Opening Day. Photo by Muffy Fenwick.

As kids, my brother and I spent hours on the bottom bunk of his bed, trading autographed Orioles headshots.  The collection we had amassed (Eddie Murray, Rick Dempsey, Scotty McGregor, Ken Singleton) fanned out across his red bedspread, a tribute to our hometown heroes.  Our love of the Birds was fueled by our dad who not only helped add to our collection but took us to countless games at Memorial Stadium, just blocks from our house.  Even though we complained about the walk to the stadium, the excitement of chasing the Oriole Bird and scanning the field for our favorite players soon dispelled our grumblings.

Thanks to hours logged watching the Royals, my dad’s Roland Park Little League team, I learned to keep the scorebook.  Soon, I became a student at the Orioles games, tracking at-bats and stats on the blank pages of his score book.  Before the All-Star break, I scoured the ground around our upper deck seats for the punch out All-Star ballots, popping holes next to my favorite players.

I was nine when the Orioles took the World Series from their I-95 rivals in Philadelphia.  Like so many of my peers, this was a monumental moment in both my childhood and the history of my hometown.  My own excitement was fueled by the love of the game instilled in me by my dad.  As a parent now, I recognize that same urge to perpetuate the same joys of my childhood into my own children.  Trips to Camden Yards are highlighted by Oriole Bird sightings, renditions of “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” and, of course, loud cheers for our beloved players.

So, Who Is This Orioles Player That Everyone Is Freaking Out About?



Chris “Crush” Davis has been an Oriole since 2011, but it’s really only this year that people have come to realize just how rad this guy actually is.  Case in point:  that photo above. Oh wait, and this one, too:

But who is this guy who’s setting the internet aflame even as he’s helping the Orioles trounce the Yankees in three straight games and spurring all sorts of playoff dreams?