Chris “Crush” Davis has been an Oriole since 2011, but it’s really only this year that people have come to realize just how rad this guy actually is.  Case in point:  that photo above. Oh wait, and this one, too:

But who is this guy who’s setting the internet aflame even as he’s helping the Orioles trounce the Yankees in three straight games and spurring all sorts of playoff dreams?

Davis is the Orioles’ first baseman, and he’s having pretty much the definition of a breakout year. He’s already hit 31 home runs this year, six more than any other Major League Baseball player, and driven in 80 runs. The Bleacher Report predicts that he’ll reach 60 home runs before the season is over. In the past two games, he managed three home runs — which should probably count for double, since they were against the evil New York Yankees.

Teammates took to calling Davis “The Hulk” after he expressed his anger at striking out swinging by snapping the bat like a twig during a game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (as seen above).

Basically, the guy seems tough, goofy, and unstoppable. He’s got us dreaming of a 2013 in which Baltimore teams take home both the Superbowl and  World Series trophies.

Both of the images above are from a Buzzfeed post listing 15 reasons Chris “Crush” Davis is Your New Favorite Slugger. Here are a few other highlights:

Chris Davis with chimp, giant arm muscles. Photo via Twitter.
Chris Davis with chimp, giant arm muscles. Photo via Twitter.

We can relate.