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The Last Time The O’s Did This They Won the World Series

Orioles' Manny Machado
Orioles’ Manny Machado

The O’s just matched a record the team set in 46 years ago. That’s a good sign.

So, Who Is This Orioles Player That Everyone Is Freaking Out About?



Chris “Crush” Davis has been an Oriole since 2011, but it’s really only this year that people have come to realize just how rad this guy actually is.  Case in point:  that photo above. Oh wait, and this one, too:

But who is this guy who’s setting the internet aflame even as he’s helping the Orioles trounce the Yankees in three straight games and spurring all sorts of playoff dreams?

Maryland Native Wins World Series of Poker — In an Orioles Jersey


Greg Merson started playing poker to get money for drugs. ” I just have a really addictive personality. I’m just an all-or-nothing type of person,” the Laurel native told ESPN earlier this year. Lucky for him, the draw of poker was more compelling than that of cocaine; in 2007 he got clean and started getting serious — seriously serious — about poker. Last night, Merson triumphed at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, coming away with $8.5 million, a gold championship bracelet, and lifetime bragging rights. (He also won me over by wearing an Orioles jersey, so it’s kind of like the Os did win a world series this year — just not the one they expected.)