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After Multiple Robberies, a Popular Coffee Bar Closes in Bolton Hill

Photo by Ed Gunts

After getting robbed five times in four months, and then going “cashless” in an effort to prevent thefts, a popular Bolton Hill café has closed its doors permanently.

Looney’s Pub in Canton Briefly Shuttered for Health Code Violations

Photo via Google StreetView

The Baltimore City Health Department has temporarily closed the popular Canton hangout Looney’s Pub for a range of health code violations, including improper handling and storage of food, rodent and insect infestations and general unsanitary conditions.

Studio 14 Owner Eyes Reopening After Rehearsal Space Shuttered by Fire Department

Photo courtesy Scott Gately

After two very long weeks, Studio 14 owner Scott Gately finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel for when he can reopen his building.

University Administrators Opt Not to Close Hopkins’ Humanities Center


Johns Hopkins University

In a major win for students and faculty at Johns Hopkins University’s Humanities Center, school administrators have decided not to shutter their department at the end of the spring semester.

Liam Flynn’s Ale House in Station North Closes Permanently


After five-and-a-half years in business and a highly publicized effort to avoid eviction last July, Liam Flynn’s Ale House has closed for good.

Students, Faculty Fighting Threat of Closure for Hopkins’ Humanities Center



With the 50-year-old Humanities Center at The Johns Hopkins University potential facing a forced a closure at the end of this academic year, grad students and others are speaking out and criticizing the administration.

New Sinkhole on Cathedral Street Closes Central Mt. Vernon Intersection

Courtesy DPW
Courtesy DPW

Another sinkhole popped up in Mt. Vernon last night, this one about a block west of the Washington Monument at the center of the historic neighborhood.

Will You Lose Your Post Office? (And Do You Even Care?)


Not long ago, I tried to stop by the post office at the seemingly reasonable hour of 2:30 PM, only to find it closed. But cutting down the opening hours apparently wasn’t enough; the Postal Service announced last week that it’s considering closing more than 10 percent of its 32,000 post offices, and 9 of those are in the Baltimore area (full list below).

Some Marylanders are rightfully nervous. Three of the proposed closures are in Northeast Baltimore (Waverly, Clifton East End, and Hamilton), meaning that that entire swath of Baltimore will be post office-less. Further afield, Smith Island might lose both its branches; Islanders would have to ferry nearly an hour away to pick up mail.

All is not necessarily lost, however; we’re in the midst of the 60-day comment period, so if you feel strongly, appeal to the Postal Regulatory Commission. Or you can just shrug, send an email instead of a letter, and go about your daily business.

Proposed closures in the Baltimore area:
    Carroll (21229)
    Clifton East End (21213)
    Druid (21217)
    Franklin (21223)
    Hamilton (21214)
    Market Center (21201)
    Towson Town Center (21204)
    Walbrook (21216)
    Waverly (21218)