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Johns Hopkins Freshman Move-In Day Through the Ages

In 1970, Johns Hopkins admitted women for the first time. One consequence of all-male colleges was that these guys apparently never learned how to be subtle about checking out women.

As you noticed if you tried to drive through Charles Village yesterday, it’s move-in time for incoming freshman at Johns Hopkins. The university put together some photos of freshmen move-in day through the ages that proves that while hairstyles may change, carrying boxes and checking out your fellow students remains consistent across the decades. More photos below:

13 Weird Things About This Year’s Incoming College Freshmen


It’s late August, which means a whole new crop of nervous 18 year-olds are buying “Dorm Room Essentials!” and heading out on awkward orientation excursions. Feel like it was just yesterday that you were a college freshman? Well, the Beloit College Mindset List, released around this time every year, is here to remind you that you’re old, and that kids these days grew up in an entirely different world. For instance:  2012’s incoming freshmen were mostly born in 1994 (YIKES), meaning that they’ve grown up in a world without tan M&Ms and Kurt Cobain. Some more crazy facts from the list below: