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Ben Carson, Hopkins Neurosurgeon, Imagines Himself in the White House

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

“Let’s say you just magically put me into the White House.” That’s the scenario the soon-to-retire Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson asked the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference to entertain for a moment — and according to the Sun, it brought “the crowd to its feet.” The Obamacare-hating, flat-taxing-loving, conjoined-twin-separating doctor has recently become a favorite among Republicans for his commitment conservatism and his inspiring life story. (He grew up poor in Detroit, and went on to become, well, a Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon.)

Towson Student Advocates Racial Segregation; Verbal Brawl Ensues


Usually when the subject is “Towson University students causing a ruckus by being provocatively hateful about race (or sexual orientation!), our old pal Matthew Heimbach has been the culprit. (If you don’t remember, he’s the college student who started a White Student Union, hosted a Straight Pride day, and chalked “WHITE PRIDE” messages all over Towson’s campus — right before a bunch of tour groups came through.) So we were surprised to learn that the Towson student who caused a “verbal brawl” at the prominent conservative CPAC conference by advocating segregation — yes, you heard me right, he is pro-segregation — I was surprised to hear that the culprit wasn’t Heimbach. But, of course, there’s more to the story than that.