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Savvy Hopkins Student Helps Catch Serial Burglar


Johns Hopkins security officers offer weekly walks through the Charles Village area in order to help keep students connected to the community, and aware of potential threats in their own neighborhoods. Usually, it’s a pretty tame event. This week, though, it was anything but, thanks to a savvy student who “triggered a police manhunt and was responsible for the arrest of a wanted criminal,” according to the Johns Hopkins Gazette.

Christina Warner, a Johns Hopkins senior majoring in the Writing Seminars (woot!) noticed someone skulking around on the roof near Guilford Avenue and 30th Street. The director of Homewood Campus Safety and Security, Ed Skrodzki, had just mentioned that there had been quite a few second- and third-floor break-ins over the past few months. Putting her writerly deductive powers to use, Warner pointed the suspicious figure out. Shortly thereafter Baltimore Police intervened, and the burglar — who turned out to be wanted from a late-September break-in — was caught.

Must be nice for Warner to know that if a lucrative writing career doesn’t pan out, she’ll always have a future in law enforcement.