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Baltimore Co. Council Tables Vote to Scale Back Planned ‘Towson Station’ Royal Farms

A sign for Royal Farms in Hampden

In the latest twist of fate for a very controversial gas station and convenience store proposed for Towson, county lawmakers voted not to take any decisive action last night.

Baltimore County Opts Not to Screen for Undocumented Immigrants in Towson Jail, for Now

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Lawmakers in Baltimore County voted last night to table a bill that would have required correctional officers in Towson to help federal authorities weed out and deport undocumented immigrants in the county jail, effectively scuttling the proposal.

Bosley Mansion and Property Under New Ownership – Realizing a Vision to Preserve the Unique Property for Future Generations



Presbyterian Home of Maryland, Inc. (PHM) is proud to announce the execution of a contract with Bosley Estates, LLC, to sell the property at 400 Georgia Court in Towson, Maryland.