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Morning Issues Slow Baltimore Voters’ Roll at Some Polling Places


Maryland Voting

Long lines and malfunctions hindered the the kickoff to Election Day at several of Baltimore’s polling stations.

Bad News About BWI


There are some great things about BWI, like how close it is to the city and how easy it is to get to by public transit. And then there are the downsides — like the fact that the airport has the second-highest proportion of flights delayed in the U.S., bested only by Chicago’s Midway.

A full 23.2 percent of BWI’s flights are delayed, nearly one in four of every departures. That is, frankly, a lot. The only silver lining is that previous worst-delay airports (like Dallas-Fort Worth) saw improvement this year. But the odds aren’t good, as the on-time performance got worse by two full percentage points this year.

Ways to combat BWI’s delay-prone tendencies? Flights leaving before 8 AM are a better bet; avoid the 3-11 PM departures. Or fly out of Dulles (16 percent of flights delayed) or Reagan (13.7 percent).