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Pilot program will allow commercial haulers to take trash to designated sites for free

Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young details the expansion of the Small Haulers program to allow Baltimore City residents to haul their waste to waste collection facilities for free during a 90-day pilot program. Photo courtesy of Charm TV Baltimore.

Small commercial trash haulers will be able to register for a free 90-day permit to drop off their trash at waste collection sites as part of a pilot program aimed at reducing illegal dumping in Baltimore City.

The initiative is part of Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young’s “Clean It Up!” campaign, which he launched in January to reduce “crime and grime” in Baltimore. 

“I’m very excited for this latest piece of the ‘Clean It Up!’ campaign because this is all about new and innovative ways to get residents to help make Baltimore cleaner and safer,” Young said in a press conference Wednesday.

Event Pick: A Discussion on the ‘Downward Spiral’ of Baltimore’s Water Billing System


What happens when water and sewer rates are too high for at least a third of households to afford their monthly bills? Presently, Baltimore’s solution is to keep hiking the rates. This isn’t going to work out, says one economist.

Pugh Suspends Practice of Auctioning Off Baltimore Homes with Unpaid Water Bills

Photo by Ángelo González

Unlike in past years, the city won’t be auctioning off homes this year if their owners owe more than $750 in unpaid water bills.

What’s Happening to the 1.5-Mile Path Surrounding Druid Hill Reservoir?


Regular users of the path encompassing Baltimore’s historic Druid Hill Reservoir have likely found their activities disrupted by construction work in recent weeks. That’s all going to get much worse for the next half-decade or so, albeit for a noble reason.

Baltimore’s Rat-Fighting Municipal Trash Can Program Wins an Award


A little over a year ago, Baltimore City spent almost $9 million on free trash cans for residents to fend off rats and collect more garbage. Today, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that very same trash can program received a “Project of the Year” award from a regional public works association.

Councilman Costello Criticizes DPW Over Communication About Utility Work

Photo courtesy Baltimore DPW
Photo of a sinkhole from July, courtesy Baltimore DPW

Councilman Eric Costello is tired of hearing about surprise road repairs from residents and merchants in Mt. Vernon and Seton Hill.

City Employee Charged with Hit-and-Run Death of Cyclist



Last week, 54-year-old Ralph Myron Roane of Dundalk was riding a bike a couple blocks south of Collington Square Park when he was struck and killed by a truck. The driver fled the scene.

Baltimore’s Non-Working Fire Hydrants



Great, another thing to worry about.

Murky Waters Could be Ahead for Lake Montebello


montebelloOne of the city’s drinking water reservoirs may be looking a little cloudy next week. There’s no reason to worry, though, city officials say. It’s just a routine cleaning.