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Something Different: Architects, Designers, Builders to Discuss How they Resurrected the Parkway Theatre


For years, Baltimoreans witnessed the gradual process of demolition, fundriaisng and rebuilding that went into restoring the sparkling new Parkway Theatre. Later this month, we’ll have a chance to hear from some of the architects, designers and other key contributors to the historic theater’s resurrection.

Winner Announced in ‘Next Great Baltimore Bench’ Design Competition

Sagamore Development CEO Marc Weller (left) and designer Dean Brown. Courtesy Sagamore Development/Maroon PR.
Sagamore Development CEO Marc Weller (left) and designer Dean Brown. Courtesy Sagamore Development/Maroon PR.

The Cleat, it is. A nautically inspired entry by South Baltimore resident Dean Brown was selected as the winner of a national competition held to find the “Next Great Baltimore Bench” for Port Covington.

Finalists Selected in Competition to Find ‘The Next Great Baltimore Bench’ for Port Covington

The classic Baltimore bench, which won't be used in Port Covington.
The classic Baltimore bench, which won’t be used in Port Covington.

Will Baltimore get The Cleat? Could it be The Stoop? What about The Riga?

Garrison Forest 4th and 5th Graders Recreate Feats of Botany With Circuitry



How do plants respond to their environment? Sunflowers track the sun; morning glories close up at night, and Venus flytraps sense and trap prey. Can you recreate these feats of botany and biology with circuitry?

From February 1 through February 5, the fourth and fifth-grade students at Garrison Forest School will engineer their own plants that react to external stimuli in GFS’s second annual STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art/design and math) week.

A Sneak Peek at Johns Hopkins’ New Website


If you go to jhu.edu right now, you may find yourself faced with information overload. The current homepage includes more than 240 links–which means lots of text–and a slightly stodgy blue and black color scheme. After the successful overhaul of the university’s logo last year, Hopkins decided that the next big project worth a redesign was this website. It was time, university administrators and communications staff decided, to give the school a brand new front door.

The new site won’t go live until the school year starts (so, in late August), but to whet your appetite, Hopkins has released a YouTube preview of the new look. Here are a few highlights:

Baltimore Design School is Up for an Architecture Award

Photo by Karl Connelly via Fast Company.
Photo by Karl Connelly Photography via Architizer.com

Our local Baltimore Design School, is up for an Architizer.com A+ Design Award. Designed by Ziger/Snead Architects, and one of the most watched public school projects in Baltimore, the building has been lauded as an architectural marvel.

Check out below the story about the renovation of the BDS in Fast Company by sometime Baltimore Fishbowl contributor Marianne Amoss.

If you like what you see, take a second to vote, here.

How Architects Turned This Former Set From “The Wire” Into A Training Ground For Tomorrow’s Designers

By Marianne Amoss

On the lower level of the Baltimore Design School, a city public school located in central Baltimore, there is a blown-up photo affixed to a wall. The black-and-white picture shows the interior of a building in disrepair, with pools of water on the floor. It’s a stark reminder of what used to be here: an abandoned factory so decrepit that the HBO series The Wire used the building as a setting symbolic of post-industrial urban decay. But today, with a major architectural intervention–and a grant from Adobe–this building has become a state-of-the-art public school for training future designers.

Baltimore Design School–or BDS–is the first of its kind in the city, a public middle and high school dedicated to students interested in architecture, graphic design, and fashion. The school was founded a few years ago, but its permanent home in a mammoth, 110,000-square-foot former clothing factory only opened this fall after a $26.85 million overhaul.

Photo by © Karl Connolly Photography

MICA Announces New President

MICA's new president, Samuel Hoi.
MICA’s new president, Samuel Hoi.

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Board of Trustees today announced Samuel Hoi as the next president in the College’s 188-year history, effective July 1, 2014. Hoi is currently president of Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles. He will succeed President Fred Lazarus IV, who will step down after 36 years.

In selecting Hoi, the board noted his bold steps to highlight art and design’s tangible impact, as evidenced by the annual Otis Report on the Creative Economy produced under his direction, and his efforts to position Otis students as community engagement leaders through the launch of the Creative Action: An Integrated Learning Program curriculum model. Under Hoi’s leadership, enrollment at Otis increased as much as 34 percent, operating resources have more than doubled and the endowment has more than tripled, attributable in part to a 200 percent increase in individual donors.

From Drab to Fab: Making a Rental Feel Like Home



Courtesy Bambeco— Whether it’s your first real place after college, temporary digs after moving to a new city, or you just prefer renting to owning, looking at the plain white walls and expanse of blah design that dominates most rental apartments can be enough to make anyone feel like they’re living in the drab zone. But you don’t have to sacrifice personal style just because you signed a lease, not a mortgage. Rentals can feel  like a plain box that you can’t do anything to, but that’s not the case. Of course, check with your landlord or rental company before doing anything, and decide for yourself what level of work you’re willing to undertake when you move out.

List the good and the bad in your space. What do you want to accentuate and what would you like to minimize? Visualize how you really want the space to look and note the things you need to make that work. Write it all down and keep looking at the list as you consider everything else.

Artisan Home Furnishings by Gutierrez Studios


We’ve all had the experience of going over to a friend’s house and noticing—really noticing—a remarkable piece of furniture. A coffee table that you can tell was actually designed and crafted, rather than simply being assembled out of a box. Or a lamp that somehow elevates the entire room to I-want-to-hang-out-in-here status. Where do these objects come from? How do you know one when you find one? And can the right coffee table or lamp really change things for you that much? Maybe. Especially as the cooler weather slowly rolls in, you may want to look around at your furnishings and give them the do-I-really-want-to-look-at-that-all-winter test.

In the event that something doesn’t pass, you may want to call up Gutierrez Studios. John Gutierrez has been making artisan and custom furniture here in Baltimore for over twenty years. His work incorporates wood, steel, glass, and other media to create sleek and interesting furnishings that are unique enough to feel special, but that you would actually want in your home. The Gutierrez Studios website boasts a number of products ready for purchase, as well as extensive information for those interested in custom designs.

Gutierrez Studios is located at 2010 Clipper Park Road in Baltimore. For more information, visit www.gutierrezstudios.com