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Diamonds Aren’t So Special, Hopkins Scientists Say



One reason diamonds are so expensive is because they’re rare. (Another reason may be because of alleged price-fixing and collusion within the diamond industry. But that’s another story entirely.) But according to a pair of Johns Hopkins geochemists, the precious stones may actually be much more common than previously thought.

Diamond Chip Menswear from Christopher Schafer


Menswear with diamonds

catch of the day fish (2)To listen to Marilyn, you’d believe that diamonds are a girl’s (and only a girl’s) best friend. Au contraire. The sparkle and refinement of diamonds has a seductive power that doesn’t discriminate. So leave it to the luxury fabric designers at Scabal to create a special line of suit fabrics with actual diamond fragments woven into it. And leave it to Christopher Schafer, one of our favorite local clothiers, to bring such luxury to Baltimore. But maybe we should reiterate, in case you didn’t actually catch it the first time, that this is suit fabric with actual, literal diamonds woven into it. And it’s known as the Diamond Chip.