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Maryland Transit Authority Can’t Seem to Outsmart This Osprey


Osprey turns Bay Bridge traffic camera into live nature documentary

The feed from the Bay Bridge traffic camera really got interesting for a second there. An osprey built a nest just in front of its lens, giving visitors to the state website a candid look at the habits of the beautiful bird of prey. Then the Maryland Transit Authority destroyed the nest, an eviction approved by the Department of Natural Resources since no eggs had been laid. The osprey rebuilt. The MDTA re-destroyed. The osprey rebuilt. The MDTA, thinking surely one more demolition ought to drive the message home, destroyed it a third time.

But guess what? It appears the osprey has begun to build a fourth nest in the same location, because ospreys are ospreys and not people.

I Guess I Won’t Become a Wild Ginseng Hunter After All



Did you know you could make money hunting for wild American ginseng in Maryland? Apparently, a pound of ginseng root could fetch somewhere around $1,000! This is my dream job. You’re self-employed; you get to hunt (you even get a hunting license!), but you don’t have to shoot an animal; and it only lasts a small fraction of a year. 

Pilot Program Attempts to Discover How Many Blue Crabs We’re Harvesting Actually, For Real


If you’re goal is to increase the blue crab population in the Chesapeake Bay, getting an accurate count of how many you’re harvesting every year is of essential importance. For the past couple decades we haven’t had one — not exactly, anyway.