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New Hampden Pop-up Shop to Feature Made-in-Baltimore Products, Art

Neighbor Goods

Doubledutch Boutique in Hampden has always focused on featuring independent clothing and accessory lines. Owner Lesley Jennings goes out of her way to find quality local products to mix with her more established, independent brands.

While the latter bring new shoppers into Doubledutch, the former is what often make them return time and time again. Now, two women from Jennings’ staff have launched a second shop, focusing entirely on more such Baltimore-made goods.

Gogo’s Retread Threads at Doubledutch



catch of the day fish (2)We don’t know whether to be grateful to Stacey of Gogo’s Retread Threads, or supremely jealous. Maybe a little bit of both? On the jealousy-inducing hand, she basically gets to spend all her time shopping for fabulous finds, decorating her amazing mobile shop with them (a repurposed old school bus, you know), and then setting up all over town to share her goods with us. And now it seems she’s off traveling the world on a well-deserved vacation. Good work if you can get it, right? But luckily, she thought ahead and entrusted those style-makers at Doubledutch Boutique with all of her winter treasures, so we can still get our fix while she’s gone. That’s the grateful hand.