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Holiday Craft Market in Center Plaza


Center Plaza Craft Market Holiday Baltimore

Okay. This is the last one. We swear. The last holiday craft fair we’re going to urge you to go to this year. After this, you’re free to do the rest of your shopping from the comfort of your laptop and mouse pad. We won’t judge. But since it’s still not freezing cold out, if you’re going to be downtown anyway and want an excuse to dip out of the office for a long lunch break, why not spend that time perusing the booths at the Center Plaza Holiday Craft Market?  

Celebrating Black Male Identity


Courtesy of BMore Media – The Black Male Identity Project, originally inspired by the Open Society Foundation’s Campaign for Black Male Achievement, seeks to strengthen black men’s political and economic clout.

Art on Purpose held exhibits and performances at theEubie Blake CenterStevenson University Gallerythe Baltimore Museum of Art,Centerstage and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture. The goal of the community-driven project was to challenge negative images of black men. The year-long effort is highlighted in this video, released during Black-History Month.  

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Hampden Gets a New Grocery Store


If you happened to have a particular fondness for Superfresh, then we’ve got some sad news for you:  all their area grocery stores are closed, and several — including the one in Hampden — are about to get a speedy makeover/takeover from a Canadian company that no one seems to know much about.

Here’s what people have pieced together:  Fresh & Green’s, owned by a natural foods services team from Toronto, took over the Charles St. Superfresh last week; a new one will colonize the former Superfresh in Hampden, on 41st St., by the end of this week. The changeover is happening as quickly as possible — a mere 36 hours in the case of the downtown store — because the new owners don’t want to disrupt the routine of their regular shoppers.

While Superfresh was pretty much a generic grocery store, Hampdenites are hoping for something a little different from the new store. Fresh & Green’s will apparently offer a “hybrid” store that combines all the standard grocery store offerings with expanded natural foods options, fresh prepared foods, and possibly even an in-store restaurant.

According to the company’s CEO, Matt Williams, “We’re pretty experienced in natural and organic grocery, and we feel that these eight stores would all benefit from having not just a token appearance of natural and organic but a strong presence. We see a couple of the stores being entirely natural and organic.”

As for all those Superfresh employees? They’ll have to reapply for new jobs at the re-vamped stores, and no one’s guaranteeing them employment.